I have been doing wedding photography since mid 2015 and since then ive had the privelage of working with some fabulous couples. I never once thought id be taking pictures at weddings and this was never my plan until a friend of mine who was getting married asked if I would be up for the challenge. My first reaction was why me? I mean there are so many other photographers who are out there doing a pretty decent job of taking pictures during a wedding day so it would be easy to find one. He said that he really enjoyed my photography work and asked me to think about the possiblity of recording his special day. After some serious thinking I decided to accept the challenge because deep down I felt that this was a chance to better my skills and push myself further with my picture taking skills. After all, its true that sometimes you need to accept new challenges in life in order to grow develop yourself. The wedding pictues were a success and they turned out to be quite nice for my first ever wedding job.


Since then, ive managed to do a number of weddings with clients from around the country from various cultures and backgrounds. I realise that being a wedding photographer means catering for a wide range of people as we live in a diverse society. If you are interested in hiring me for your wedding then please check out more information on the bookings section for prices and availability. If you feel that I am the type of photographer your looking for then do not hesitate to get in touch with me and ill be extremely excited to capture your special day. You only get one chance to capture it and there is no replacing such a memorable day.

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