Hi, my name is Justin and I was born in 1988. I initially developed an interest in photography in 2013. The interest has continued to grow since then and can now be described as a passion. Photography was certainly not a childhood ambition even though I had always admired other peoples work. Back then photography for me was just something you did to capture holiday memories.


It was whilst looking through pictures I had taken  on holiday in Europe that I realised the images were pretty decent and that in fact there was a lot of creative expression captured in the images. Those early pictures had only been taken on my mobile phone which had a basic camera with no special features. During family holidays I would  observe people taking pictures and wonder what  they saw through their lens and what quality photo they would produce. Over the years I began to travel more regularly and invested in a decent camera so that I could document my  travelling experiences. It soon became enjoyable and I eventually joined a photo club and met other photographers who were like minded .Connecting with other photographers has been a major contributing factor in my photographic development and I have met some of the most amazing and fascinating people on the journey.



My passion for photography has now evolved into a profession and I have a consistent desire to capture fabulous images in everyday life. What I find particularly fascinating about taking pictures is the opportunity it gives me to capture something amazing in a matter of seconds. A talented photographer becomes an artist with the ability to capture a moment he or she has viewed through the camera lens and interpret that view using their own unique style. I have developed an interest in street photography and recently discovered a love for documentary photography.


Special events such as  parties or  weddings are ideal for capturing priceless moments which  can never be replaced. Taking exceptional pictures of people and places is what makes me happy but I also love to see other people around me feel  happy too. I hope you enjoy my photography and that you will follow my journey as I try to capture  amazing unique images!


If you would like to do a shoot with me then I would love to hear from you. Simply get in touch with me by sending an email to justin.bassan@outlook.com and filling out the 'contact me'  form which you'll find further down this page. I Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for taking time out to check out my page.


Justin.Bassan@outlook.com    Tel: 07531955984

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